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Eric looks forward to hearing from you and welcomes comments, questions, bookings, and purchases of merchandise.

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Send him a letter: Eric Eid-Reiner; P.O. Box 750007; Arlington Heights, MA 02475

Call or fax him: (781)-863-0140




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You are hearing Ghost, by Peter Anick and Dave Reiner, played by Dave Reiner, Andy Reiner, and Eric Eid-Reiner on Eric's first CD, "Grand Tour: Traditional Music on Piano."

Eric's Monthly Mailing list

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Celtic Beat Says

"...Eric Eid-Reiner is a genius by virtue of his knowledge, a craftsman supreme by his playing, and an artist by his understanding. Of a musical family, he certainly must have absorbed an enormous amount in his formative years."

- Art Ketchen
Celtic Beat Magazine