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Hear Eric in these Bands

The Moving Violations - Based in Western Massachusetts, The Moving Violations have a playful energy that transcends borders of countries and encourages spontaneity and improvisation.  Driving double fiddle harmonies, strong rhythm, affectionate abandon and occasional silliness prevails.  Original compositions as well as Celtic, Eastern European, Swedish, Klezmer, and Classical are all fair game for The Moving Violations.

Reiner Family Band - Eric's family's bluegrass, oldtime, Irish, Cape Breton, and swing band.  They play at weddings, parties, farm festivals, and more!

Eric thinks highly of the following sites:

Matching Orange - a contra dance and performing band that was active from 2007 to 2011.  Personnel were Eric on piano, Brendan Carey Block on fiddle, and Eric McDonald on mandolin.  Prior to Brendan joining the band, the two Erics had performed at various times as Matching Orange with fiddlers Michael Vitale, Trent Freeman, Julie Metcalf, and Lissa Schneckenburger.

Rachel Cole Band - Rachel a wonderful Jewish folk/pop/rock singer-songwriter, with whom Eric played and recorded before Rachel moved to Colorado.

The Earth Stringband - my brother, Andy's, band that traveled in Fall 2011 for five weeks to Southeast Asia on behalf of the U.S. Department of State, performing at embassies, festivals, orphanages, and schools; check out their blog for some amazing videos and tales from the Rhythm Road!

Cynthia Eid, my Mom and a great metalsmith.

Fiddlefoxx, a world music fusion band with my older brother Andy Reiner (fiddle, mandolin, bass) and Steve Foxx (beat box, percussion)

Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, a Swedish / Celtic / oldtime band that includes my brother Andy Reiner on fiddle and mandolin).

Fiddle Hell, a weekend gathering of fiddlers for jams and workshops in Groton, MA, on November 13-15, 2009. Hosted by my dad, Dave Reiner.

Devil in the Kitchen, a Celtic-folk-metal band led by my brother, Andy Reiner (fiddle, composer).

Jacqueline Schwab is a phenomenal musician! She's one of my piano teachers, and someone who has played with, recorded with, and knows just about everyone in the folk scene.

A database of thousands of traditional tunes - sheet music, mp3s, and more. A wonderful resource for the folk community, compiled by John Chambers.

Information about French-Canadian and New England musicians, Keith Murphy and Becky Tracy. They are members of countless groups, including Nightingale (with Jeremiah McLane).

Assembly, a contemporary, but amazing group with a very unique style; Keith Murphy (mandolin, guitar, vocals), Sam Amidon (fiddle), Stefan Amidon (percussion), Thomas Bartlett (piano).

Leahy, a Canadian family band of eight siblings, playing Irish, bluegrass, and pop-folk

Natalie MacMaster, an amazing Cape Breton Island style fiddler!

Christopher Williams, a great folk guitarist, singer, and drummer, composes most of the songs he plays and records. (Eric recorded one song Chris wrote on his CD.)

Ken Kolodner is the most amazing hammered dulcimer player I have ever heard.

Solas is one of the best Irish bands today. So are Lunasa and Danu.

Del McCoury and his family play wonderful traditional and contemporary bluegrass music.

Rick Recht plays what is sometimes classified as “Jewish Rock” music, including many original melodies.

Julie Silver writes and plays beautiful, Jewish music.

Jeff Klepper, one of the biggest reformers of Jewish music in recent years, has written countless songs that have become common melodies worldwide. The same can be said of the talented Debbie Friedman.

Danny Maseng writes and plays beautiful, unique Jewish music.




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From Eric's "Grand Tour" CD, you are hearing a medley of The Golden Tooth and seven other tunes.

Eric's Monthly Mailing list

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Celtic Beat Says

"...Eric Eid-Reiner is a genius by virtue of his knowledge, a craftsman supreme by his playing, and an artist by his understanding. Of a musical family, he certainly must have absorbed an enormous amount in his formative years."

- Art Ketchen
Celtic Beat Magazine